Communication, Speaking & Strategy

Communication, Speaking & Strategy

The Local

In 2004 I started sending a weekly news roundup to twelve of my Swedish for Immigrants classmates. The Local is now published in nine countries for over 5 million readers each month.


I speak at conferences, networking events and staff development days. Usually I talk about the threat to Sweden’s international reputation or about building an international news brand from scratch and the role of the media in these strange times.


My book, published in 2018, explores the mechanisms of twisted facts, viral content and the immense power of bad news. It shows how Sweden’s exceptionally positive image is being distorted and used as a weapon in a global clash of values – and how we should respond.

Smearing Sweden – the murky depths mapped

There was a great deal written about external attempts to influence the Swedish election in September 2018. The most comprehensive report on the subject was commissioned by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency and produced by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue and...

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How Sweden Became a Symbol – New York Review of Books

Last February I was asked to write an article about Sweden's reputation for the New York Review of Books. The international exposure Sweden gets is utterly disproportionate to its size and there are always plenty of new examples to use when writing about how the...

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The Local: Digital Publication of the Year

Last night The Local won an award for Digital Publication of the Year at Sweden’s prestigious Tidskriftsgalan. Considering the strength of the competition here, and the fact that The Local is almost certainly the smallest publisher in the field, this was a...

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